Saturday, August 27, 2011

February 2013, Australian parliamentary committee recommend Glaxo set up a charitable foundation for 60,000 Australian Myodil victims left crippled, incontinent, and in agonizing pain (Link)

January 2013, important new website in association with the Myodil Action Group, "Myodil Victims: Worldwide Register" (Link)

January 2013, Dr. Burton becomes President of the Association for Medical Ethics (Link)

September 2012, Good friend Dr. Charles V. Burton M.D. F.A.C.S sent Ursula Coxhead an article, "Mengele in America: Human Experimentation and the Walter Reed Connection," which he wrote for the Journal: Ethics in Biology; Engineering and Medicine.  (Link)

In Dr. Burton's letter to Ursula Coxhead dated 8/11/2011 he states, "all Myodil Myelogram's produced a toxic chemical meningitis to some degree, which then progressed to a secondary condition called Adhesive Arachnoiditis which is diffuse and accounts for the greatest number of cases of clinically significant Adhesive Arachnoiditis, and easily distinguishable from focal (local) Arachnoiditis caused by trauma or surgery which leaves the patient with no discernible symptoms." A copy is on page 17 of this blog.

For even more historical document information please visit the Myodil Action Group websiteThe Myodil Action Group was solely responsible for the inception of the House of Commons Myodil All Party Group and is the only group working with it and is demanding a public inquiry. If you want justice there are three things you should do. Please join the Myodil Action Group (MAG), chaired by Ursula Coxhead. If you live in the UK you should contact your MP explaining you are a sufferer of Myodil induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis and you want him or her to join the House Of Commons All Party Myodil Action Group you should also sign their e-petition to help them fight for a public inquiry, recognition, and compensation. 

There is a conspiracy to hide this huge medical injury scandal. They ignored the warnings Myodil was unsafe but through willful ignorance or willful negligence they continued to use it, which means it is actually unlawful "criminal" injury, manslaughter or murder, the evidence is overwhelming. In the UK there are no statute of limitations on criminal offences.

The spinal cord is a pure environment which should not be insulted with needles and chemicals. If you went in to hospital with back ache and underwent a Myodil Myelogram it doesn't matter if they found anything wrong with your spine or not, you came out with toxic chemical meningitis (a separate devastating injury far worse than any prior injury you may or may not have had) leading to diffuse Adhesive Arachnoiditis. These conditions are incurable and un-treatable, causing intractable pain and organ dysfunction/failure, both of these problems lead to death however they cover it up by stating death is caused by natural causes from organ failure. 

Worldwide millions of people underwent Myodil Myelogram's, five million in America, a million in the UK etc. only Russia and Sweden wouldn't use it because they thought it was dangerous. This medical injury is massive, the biggest ever, bigger than thalidomide.  As soon as you mention the phrase Myodil induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis, doctors become embroiled with psychological problems. If you have been lucky enough to have a scan through the NHS, they have purposely been done incorrectly so that it doesn't show Adhesive Arachnoiditis (this happened to me). They do not want to admit they have been injuring/killing millions of people. So the medical profession have been lying through their teeth conspiring for decades to cover it up by ignoring it or telling you that you don't have it. Extremely lucrative jobs and reputations are at stake, not to mention the massive possible compensation cost. So they are all working together protecting each other and to contain it to a minimum (aiding and abetting, which is unlawful). Nobody wants to expose Glaxo for selling a dangerous product that has been killing millions of people, once again lucrative jobs and reputations are at stake. Because this medical injury is so big in numbers and so damaging to the human body, the medical profession have had good cause to cover it up, because of this the media haven't been able to understand just how serious it is.

This medical injury is iatrogenic which means the medical profession and Glaxo caused it, and because they caused it they don't want to admit to it so you are blacklisted and can't get a diagnosis or treatment, making you a sufferer of iatrogenic neglect which is cruel and shows how ruthless the medical profession is in guarding themselves over medical injury claims.

It's not just Myodil Myelogram's they have been injuring people with, it's badly performed epidural's as well.