8. Davies Report 1956, Myodil Licence 1974

Dr. Burton November 2011, "In all cases Myodil caused toxic Chemical Meningitis leading to Adhesive Arachnoiditis," blog page 17.

As early as 1956 an article written by Dr. Davies appeared in the medical journal "The Lancet" describing the problems being caused by the practice of Myodil Myelogram's.

So why did they continue using it? because they had nothing else. Doctors must have accepted responsibility for injuring people, but covered it up by telling them there new problems are being caused by the worsening of their original injury (a pack of lies). Please see a copy of this article below. 

"Licence to kill", the 1974 licence application which Glaxo submitted to the Government to continue selling Myodil to medical practitioners in which they admitted Myodil caused Adhesive Arachnoiditis.