5. Pantopaque Test Results, Dogs and Rats

Dr. Burton November 2011, "In all cases Myodil caused toxic Chemical Meningitis leading to Adhesive Arachnoiditis," blog page 17.

A paper by Dr. Rudolph Jaeger published in the Journal "Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry," about Pantopaque (Myodil) tests carried out on dogs, the dogs suffered severe reactions to Pantopaque and were dead within ten minutes.

Below is a study carried out on Walker Hounds by the drug producer, it was kept secret at the time.  It shows the drug producer knew of the devastating effects of Pantopaque (Myodil) but carried on producing it. 

A study conducted by J. K. Jakobsen and published in the medical journal: Acta Radiologica, in which the spinal cords of rats are injected with contrast media to determine the effects of the procedure, 55 rats die immediately, the rest are sacrificed at later dates and examined.  The study concludes that Pantopaque causes meningitis and Adhesive Arachnoiditis even if the contrast medium is removed after the procedure.